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Website & Mobile App Placement

With nearly 175,000 hits per month on our Website, and tens of thousands of App downloads, WISCO reigns supreme.  We have 12 years of getting folka all the information needed to research and plan a day or a week out and about.  We put your business info in front of riders and drive them to your facebook, website, and eventually your door.

There is no "logging in" or passwords to remember.  We give them a sneak peek and you can continue to manage your own social media and websites.  We'll just help direct them there.  

In keeping with technology, our Mobile App is at the forefront of Wisconsin Travel and provides everything people need:

- A GPS-based Map pointing out their exact location and all the WISCO stops.  Folks can zoom in or out to find the stops near them and beyond and get directions to those stops right on their phones!.

- All advertisers also discoverable by Business Name, Category, City, and County using these Search Options.

- A Profile Page for your business featuring:  1) A logo or photo.  2) Your Digital Discount.  3) A business description.  4)  Directions from their exact location.  5) Links to your website and/or facebook.  6) A call button.

- A Digital Discount for each stop. 

- Events Calendar for users to browse upcoming Events and set Alerts to remind them when they wish to be reminded of an event closer to its date.

- A Notes Page where they can keep track of their favorite stops, phone numbers of people they've met, reminders for later, and more.

- Links to your business Facebook & Website.

- One-touch Call Button to your business.

 - Weather & Radar with the touch of a button.


Your Cost:

1. Year on the App and Website:  Just $245

2. 6 Months on the App and Website:  Just $195


If you would like to learn more about what Wisco Guides can do for your business please call 920-205-4666 or drop us an email.  We also offer Banner Ads on our Website and Mobile App for even more exposure!

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